How we work

Whether it’s your first time working with an interior designer or you simply want to know more about our process at McBride Design, our team has put together a list of topics to hopefully make you feel more confident about starting your project.

Discovery Call

Every McBride Design project begins with a 15 minutes discovery call to start talking about your project. We’ll ask you a few questions, go over your budget and timeline, and review our rates, availability and work process with you. Once we’ve established that we’re the right designers for you, we’ll send you our rates and welcome packet via email, and a link to book the consultation that works best for your needs.


We offer 2 types of consultations.


Interior design projects also break down in two types: Furnishing, and Remodeling/New Construction (such as kitchens, bathrooms, additions and exteriors.)

When you choose to hire us for your Remodeling/New Construction project, our consultation fee is applied to our professional balance.


If all you need is 2 hours of uninterrupted time with a professional designer who can guide you towards your vision and goals, then The DIY consultation is right for you. Your designer will brainstorm improvements on the spot in your home and write down a list of suggestions which may include paint colors, finishes, furniture websites, and freehand sketching. This will allow you to implement the propositions on your own.

Booking and Payment

Our consultations are paid up front prior to the meeting via credit/debit cards or Apple Pay: this locks in place a spot for you in our schedule. Because our studio focuses on quality over quantity, we take a limited number of projects at a time. This ensures that our clients and their projects receive the care and attention that they deserve.


The type of agreement we use will vary based on the services our clients are seeking for their project.

For instance, for furnishing projects where no remodeling is involved, we typically use a hybrid type of agreement where the design of the project is a flat fee, and the ordering process is hourly.

For full-service projects, which can include full sets of plans, project administration and construction management, our professional fees represent between 5 to 10% of the total cost of the project.

Design Fee

We work with a Design Fee that covers the preliminary design phase of your project, and which is due upon signing of your agreement.

Pricing Structure - Hourly Services

For smaller furnishing projects, McBride Design offers a scale of rates to meet our clients’ needs. We bill our assistants’ time when they are working on CAD drawings, sourcing products, visiting project sites or showrooms for your project. We do not charge for our assistants’ time when they accompany us on construction sites or meetings.

Billing is done either once or twice a month.

2019 Rate Packet

Procurement - Purchasing Services

When working on projects with many moving parts, some of our clients prefer to get back to their life and leave the purchasing, tracking, inspecting, and moving to our team. Instead, we bill hourly for placing orders and give you a rough estimate of how long we think this service will take before moving forward.

For the hourly projects, clients will sometimes leave the challenging, customized, time-consuming purchases to our experienced designers, and will buy the easier-to-purchase items themselves.


Our studio has access to an array of custom items for your home. If you wish to source some trade-only items for your home, we will share any available discount on our Net Trade pricing with you, which has sometimes covered more than our design fee in itself. Whenever a discount is available, our markdown will be listed on your invoice as a design fee. This allows us to operate in complete transparency and take out the guesswork of our shared markdown. Trade only items are bespoke items that go through our professional accounts with distributors, and for this reason, our team has to place and inspect the orders themselves at an hourly rate.

Business Hours & Location


Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Our staff is not available on nights, weekends and holidays. However, we are happy to accommodate you by scheduling an early or lunch time meeting/consultation.


Our office is located at 527 River Road, Manchester, NH. Visits at our office are by appointment only.